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Credit Repair

We are not just a deletion machine. Building positive credit is just as important as avoiding damaging inquiries. Unfortunately, adding positive tradelines can be a difficult task for those that need it most, as obtaining credit most often requires a high credit score.
Here at Prime Credit Works, located in Clarksville, TN, you will acquire all the necessary information on financial literacy, education and planning to strategically help you secure your financial future. Our program and services include but are not limited to credit repair, credit counseling, credit building, and credit success. Call or send us an email today and speak with one of our Counselors. We look forward to hearing from you!

Silver Package

Individual Package
$ 99
  • 24/7 support thru Portal
  • Client Portal Access
  • Inquiry Disputes
  • Collection Disputes
  • Late Payment Disputes

Gold Package

Individual Package
$ 139
  • includes All Silver Pakage
  • Repo Disputes
  • Eviction Disputes

Gold Plus Package

Individual Package
$ 159
  • Includes all Gold Package
  • Child Support Disputes
  • Bankruptcy Disputes
  • Fraud Disputes

Platinum Package

Couple Package
$ 145
Monthly/Per Person
  • Includes All Gold Plus Package
  • Same household only
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*Signing up for any plan will not cause an automatic payment withdrawal. You will receive a Free credit consultation to make sure you have chosen the right plan for your needs.

Your Registration Fee will be due after the Consultation only if you decide to proceed with services with us.

However you will be required to sign up for Credit Monitoring services with IDClub during account creation, to receive the free consultation. This allows us to look at your credit file. The cost will be only $1 for the first 7 days.  DO NOT cancel this service if you choose to use our services it will be REQIRED. (This is separate from our service, You may use a debit card for this.)

If you choose not to use our services you may cancel your $1 trial with IDClub. A discounted link will be provided when choosing a plan. 

 When Creating your account for Prime Credit Works LLC you will be asked to input your payment info (checking and routing numbers) but rest assured that no payment will be taken without your electronic signed approval. Your monthly package fee will be charged up to 30 day after your registration fee is assessed. Our payment dates are only on the 1st or 15th of each month. 

In order for any payments to be issued to us via your account you must Electronically Sign an Invoice in your Backoffice of Portal. 

**If you are signing up for the Platinum Package. Please Create an account for both parties using the Platinum link